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Tyrant's Blood Princess! Fanime Project

2016-01-26 01:41:38 by Gespenst-Project

Hello everyone!

I created this page to post Tyrant's Blood Princess, a fanime (fan anime) project that I have begun developing over the past few months! I hope you come to enjoy it as I release some of it's content, leading up to a full-blown episode.

In a world where one supreme force has managed to bring the entirety of the universe into her rule, you would think that such a being would have no difficulties left to face. But for the common people and supreme forces alike, love is an arduous battle; this is the strange love story of boy-meets-sovereign-of-the-universe!

Please look forward to the series release!


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2016-01-30 09:16:46

gr8 m8 butter den Blek Butlrr i r8 8/8 :v